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GraalOnline GOLD License
Fact Sheet
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GraalOnline Gold License is for online game sites, vertical content sites, and any other website that can benefit from licensing a dynamic Massively Multi-Player role-playing game to generate revenue and profits. Simple scripting tools provide the ability to constantly generate new content, from new player appearances, swords, buildings, and entire towns. New content can be integrated into the game on the fly, creating a continuously evolving game that enhances the game’s stickiness and longevity, and the game ability to generate profits.

Gold License  
Number of Registered Users Supported  Unlimited
Number of Simultaneous Connections Supported  400
Number of Virtual Worlds Hosted on Same GraalServer  One
E-commerce Features  
Banner Ad support     Yes
E-commerce built-in for supporting subscription (pay-for-play) Yes
Ability to use scripting to customise content for corporate sponsors Yes
Game Administration Features to Facilitate Managing Game Play Experience  
View/Modify Player attributes in Real-Time Yes
Interface for Delegating & Controlling Administration Powers  Yes
Hierarchical review interface for accepting/integrating new content & levels Yes
Scripts for detailed database queries   Yes
Automated player rating/ranking systems Yes
View detailed historical player activities for security / contest validation Yes
Communication system for bug-reporting, generating Administration messages Yes
Network Administration Features  
Narrow-band User Support (56K dial-up)   Yes
Automatic Network Detection for efficient and background pre-loading of levels Yes
Light-weight client download at less than 3 megs Yes
List server for controlling user-access to virtual worlds hosted on GraalServer Platinum Only
Change Content Dynamically without need for new client.exe release Yes
Content Creation Features to Enable Content to Evolve with Game  
World Map Generator to automatically generate outlines for new worlds  Yes
Scripting engine for creating new levels, creating new quests, events, NPCs  Yes
Option to replace default graphic set  Yes
Animation Editor to add new game features  Yes
Website Integration Tools for Setting up and Managing Website Presentation  
Scripts to automate Player Registration and Set-up  Yes
Communication Centre Set-up (Calendar, discussion forums) Yes
Integrated game email Yes
‘News Flash’ tools and automated ranking display Yes
Php source code included to enable further customisation of game  Yes
Player Features and Activities  
Real-time Chat with Online Players, Buddy List or send Broadcast Messages Yes
Form Guilds with friends  Yes
Personalise Player Appearance through Game Interface, or design own Yes
Create New Custom Appearances and Submit to be integrated with game Yes
Team events, quests, various skill-requiring activities (e.g. farming, fishing, mining, etc) Yes
Send/Receive messages from SMS gateway  May 2001
Access to communication centre (discussion groups, calendar, game email)  Yes
Spar with other players in organised tournaments   Yes
Create personalised content (e.g. houses, worlds) to be integrated into virtual world Yes

GraalOnline GOLD License
Technical Specifications
PDF Format

Server Installation and Server Components

GraalServer requires a surprisingly lightweight footprint for hosting. It can be run on one single server, but for best results GraalServer should be installed on several machines. 

-         BI processor computer with PIII 800Mhz or more
-         512 Megabytes of memory or more
-         20Gigabyte SCSI Hard drive
-         100Mbits Ethernet Card
-         Operating System: Redhat 6.2 or Redhat 7.0
-         Partition: 2Giga (root file system) and remainder for home partition
-         MySQL database
-         Apache Web Server
-         PHP 4.0 or greater.

Network Connection

GraalServer uses intelligent distribution of packets through direct UDP-messaging for certain game activities (e.g. player positions and attributes) while keeping compatibility with non-UDP enabled players who receive the data via the game server. All game data is sent encrypted and compressed to reduce the network traffic. Network administrators should estimate network throughput needs at 4 kilobits/second per simultaneously connected user.

Player Requirements

Graalclient.exe is designed to work on standard PCs and does not require special graphics cards, extensive memory upgrades or high-speed internet connections. Players using basic machines are not penalised in their user-experience. Some graphics effects, however, will not be available to players without 3-D cards.

-         Downloadable client.exe package (< 3 megabytes)
-         Pentium II 300Mhz or better
-         64Megs of RAM
-         2D accelerator with 8megs of video RAM
-         GamePad (some players have reported wearing out their keyboards)
-         56k Internet connection or better