Cyberjoueurs, Stephane Portha
Cyberjoueurs is a game development company created by Stephane Portha and devoted to bringing multi-player games, platforms and tools to server the internet, set-top box, game console and portable device markets. We have more than 5 years experience developing RP and massively multiplayer games, and have developed solutions for ©Windows NT, LINUX, Java and ©Nintendo platforms.

Cyberjoueurs offers a range of products and services:

  • GraalOnline. The first turnkey, licensable and ready-to-launch Massively Multiplayer Platform. Game portals, ISPs, advertisers, and any company desiring interactive online content can license this game to create a revenue-generating player community

  • Flash and Shockwave games - Cyberjoueurs has built a range of interesting games that can be licensed individually, as a bundle, or as part of the above GraalOnline license

  • Integration Services - For Companies Licensing GraalOnline or other Cyberjoueurs products that have special integration needs

  • Hosting Services - Providing a complete turn-key solution for the set-up and hosting of your GraalOnline license

  • Project development service - Cyberjoueurs will develop specific online game projects for interested companies