Content Development

Cyberjoueurs provides a simple-to-use but powerful scripting language ( See a screenshots demonstrating the Scripting Language ) enabling the creation of content to be used with GraalOnline. is a site dedicated to facilitating the creation, sharing and distribution of content of all types used in GraalOnline. For more information, see the website.

Content. GraalOnline can benefit from a wide-range of content development including:
- Player character personalisations: Heads, Shields, Swords, Body type, etc.
- Houses and Buildings: Themes buildings such as restaurants, banks, personal houses supporting unique and diverse activities
- Music: GraalOnline benefits from relevant music integrated into its interactive content
- New Graphic Sets: GraalOnline supports replacing the default graphic set for designing plants, houses, tables, chairs, etc.
- New Worlds: Taking all of the above and creating new and interesting themed content

For more information, please see the site