For licensees of GraalOnline, Cyberjouers will provide systems integration services for specific needs of gaming site companies, vertically-targeted content sites, and any other site requiring special installation services such as database migration or special e-commerce integration.

Who can benefit from this Service? Licensees of GraalOnline who have legacy user-base, e-commerce or content that needs to be integrated within GraalOnline backend and administration tools.

For licensees of GraalOnline, Cyberjouers will provide game hosting services. For companies new to the world of managing MMP games, this service provides a complete turn-key solution for quickly making a revenue-generating MMP available to the user-base.

Who could benefit from hosting service? Licensees of GraalOnline who lack access or expertise for managing the network required by Graal.

Cyberjouers provides services to port its games to other development platforms. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Who could benefit from this service? Console Handheld and Set-top box Manufacturers, GraalOnline.