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Revenue Generation Subscriptions : Sticky, immersive environment leads to Subscriptions! Dependence on advertising banners is dead as a business model. Gaming sites must make the transition to subscription-based revenue. Players will only subscribe to games providing an immersive environment that keeps them coming back as much for interactions with the content as with each other.

GraalOnline's simple-to-use but powerful scripting tools enable content to be added and changed on the fly. The built-in GraalOnline Communication Center - email, chat, calendar - facilitates the making of friends and the creation of clans that is so important to building a community. These two features make GraalOnline players willing to subscribe. ( want to see proof of community and subscriptions potential ? ).

Revenue Generation : Sponsored Content Advertisers are realising that in-game advertising is much more effective than banner advertisements for both brand exposure, for click-throughs and for final conversions. With GraalOnline's scripting tools, you can easily build personalised advertisements into the game. See this page for examples.

GraalOnline Platform as Container. Collections of flash and shockwave games can succeed in isolation, but do not provide the necessary cohesiveness for building a community. GraalOnline can provide players both an environment for quests, chats, events, sparring, etc., but also can provide the wrapper for a collection of other games. See this page for example of how games can be embedded in a GraalOnline world.

Multi-language Support. GraalOnline client already supports 8 languages while the player content can be translated quickly by modifying simple text file scripts. ( screenshot of Graalclient.exe with language pop-up choice displayed )